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Quality Analysis & Check

The properties of the ready-mixed concrete in the fresh and hardened states are prone to variations on account of a number of factors. These properties are dependent upon the properties of different ingredients used in concrete, the process control measures, optimization efforts in mix proportions and the degree of quality control exercised by the producer.

Four Pillars of Quality

Mars attaches immense importance to provide highest level of quality assurance to its customers. Following are the four main pillars of quality systems practiced by Mars

  •  Strict control on the quality of all input materials used in production through rigorous in-house or third-party testing
  •  Stringent process control measures involving thorough inspection, good upkeep of equipment, monthly scale calibration of weighing devices, etc
  •  Continuous monitoring of the key properties of concrete in the fresh and hardened states, including their statistical analysis
  •  Adopting the world-renowned Quality Scheme for Ready-Mixed Concrete (QSRMC) from U.K, for ensuring QA & QC. This involves continuous monitoring on all stages of production and supply i.e. order processing, purchase / control on input materials, concrete mix design, process control, sales, delivery and statistical quality control.

Quality Monitoring

Another key feature of the QA system practiced by the Company includes the use of Cusum (cumulative summation) technique. This technique is used for monitoring trends in:

  •  Mean strength,
  •  Standard deviation,
  •  Relationship between early-age and 28-day strengths

Innovative and Cost-effective Design

The Company adopts an innovative approach to designing concrete mixes, this is basically based upon the practices adopted by the erstwhile Mars. The crux of the approach is the adoption of “family” concept of concrete mixes which has been proved to be extremely effective in controlling quality. A concrete family is a group of concrete compositions for which a reliable relationship between relevant properties is established and documented. Where a concrete cannot be included into a family it is treated as ‘individual concrete’. The main benefit of adopting the family concept is that changes in quality can be detected rapidly and effective action can be taken to ensure that the production remains in a state of statistical control.

  •  Concrete mix design is technically sound and cost-effective,
  •  Process control parameters are checked frequently and rigorously,
  •  High level of quality assurance is obtained through the adoption of family concept and Cusum technique